Developing Fennec with Eclipse mini-tutorials

Mon 24 March 2014 / tagged: android, build system, eclipse

Using Eclipse to develop Fennec is pretty great, but some folks need even more convincing. Here are ten mini-tutorials — videos less than two minutes long each — showing some handy navigation techniques and editing tips.

I can think of loads more Eclipse and Fennec topics to cover. Let me know if you’d like me to say a few words on a particular topic, or (even better!) if you’d like to contribute a short video on a particular topic. As always, I’m nalexander on IRC and @ncalexander on the Twitter. Thanks to everybody using Eclipse to make Fennec the best browser for your Android device!

Getting started

01. Configuring the Java Browsing perspective

Learn how to switch perspectives and configure Eclipse to channel the Smalltalk IDE.

02. Importing the Fennec Eclipse projects

Learn how to import and build the Fennec Eclipse projects, and how to use Clean Build to fix build inconsistencies.

Editing tips

06. Leveraging auto-complete and quick fix

Lazy coders have more fun.

07. Fixing names and imports

Smart coders do automatic tasks automatically.

Running and debugging Fennec

08. Running Fennec

Learn how to configure an emulator or device to run Fennec from within Eclipse.

09. Debugging Fennec

See how to set breakpoints, debug Fennec, and inspect the running environment.

10. Running browser instrumentation tests

Run Fennec’s instrumentation test suites and get beautiful JUnit 3 output in Eclipse.

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