Building Fennec with Eclipse — IDE demo

Tue 05 November 2013 / tagged: android, build system, eclipse

I’ve recorded a screencast demo of some of the work me and bnicholson have been doing on building Fennec with Eclipse. (IntelliJ will follow; there are few small fixes I haven’t ported to IntelliJ yet [1].)

The patches I have applied are available on Greg Szorc’s gecko-collab server [2]. I’ve written up brief instructions for getting started. The meta bug tracking this project is Bug 924961.

You can watch or download (11 megs) the video.

  1. Things I can remember that need to be updated to support IntelliJ (patches welcome!):
    • need to update IntelliJ’s build.xml file;
    • need to support excluding files from IntelliJ source directories;
    • need to make sure IntelliJ lint settings ignore errors about calling too recent Android APIs.
  2. Updated Thursday, November 7, 2013: These were available from my patch queue repository but these are now stale and future updates will be pushed only to Greg’s gecko-collab repository.
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